Whether you are in the cultural, manufacturing, technology, or service industry, MLS Legal can assist you with legal proceedings as a plaintiff or a defendant, as well as in mediation or arbitration.

Here is an overview of our services :

  • Opinions and assessment of the chances of success for copyright, trademarks or industrial designs files, as a plaintiff or defendant
  • Sending and responding to cease and desist letters
  • Remedies and defense before the Federal Court of Canada and the Superior Court of Québec (copyright, trademarks, industrial designs and related litigation)
  • Defamation and invasion of privacy litigation
  • Representation before the Copyright Board of Canada
  • Opposition and expungement proceedings before the Trademarks Opposition Board
  • Appeals and judicial reviews of decisions by tribunals and administrative bodies
  • Grievance arbitration related to collective agreements applicable in the television, film and music industries
  • Support to other firms in litigation involving intellectual property concerns
  • Assistance with mediation and settlement negotiation

Advise. Protect. Defend.